The #1 fastest growing company in the world in 2015 according to Inc. Magazine, went bankrupt in 2017. Why? It lacked the strategy of the most profitable businesses.

The goal for every business owner is to have high year over year growth, stable profit margins, and be categorized as a "Best Place to Work". 

Join us for an exclusive, intimate workshop for managers through C-level executives, on Wednesday, May 24th in Dallas, TX from 8:00 am - 12:00pm. In this workshop, you will learn the strategy to create the growth you want. 

We will show you how to increase your profitability while also creating a best place to work culture. You will also leave with the Unleashed Business Blueprint to bring back to your team and start implementing. 

Sign up for this awesome, information-fueled event and change your company. 


  •  In the front of the room seating
  •  VIP session with Jason Forrest and FPG team
  •  Executive coaching session and custom webinar with a FPG Human Performance Strategist

- The Unicorn Trifecta (Agenda) -

  •  Leave with unleashed business blueprint. A plan to make sure you are achieving your goals.
  •  Jason will show you how to focus on the process, pattern and strategy to create exponential growth. 
  •  Learn how protect your profit margin during traditionally unstable times of growth.
  •  Understand the difference in spending your day in urgent versus important tasks.
  •  Learn how to strengthen and protect your culture.
  •  Learn how to run your company off a one page plan.
  •  Learn how to develop standards of performance.
  •  Learn how to increase accountability without hurting morale.
  •  Learn how to maximize profit of each employee.
  •  Learn how to run efficient and effective meetings.
  •  Learn how to run a daily huddle.
  •  Learn how to make a ROI of every new employee with in 90 days.
  •  Learn how to develop KPIs for each employee.
  •  Learn how to leave every meeting with clear and actionable steps.
  •  Learn how to maximize each employee's productivity through role alignment.

About the expert

Winner of 3 Stevie Awards for being the most effective and sustainable sales and sales management training programs in the world, Jason Forrest, CEO and Chief Culture Officer has also won a Stevie for being the top sales trainer in the world, out of 40 different countries. 

Other awards he has received are Training Magazine’s Top Young Trainer of the Year and his book, Leadership Sales Coaching, won Selling Power’s Best Books for Success award. Jason currently serves as 2016 Chairman of the National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group. 

FPG is focused on mastering the art and science of human performance. A global leader and designer of sales, management, customer service and executive training programs, FPG is a dedicated team of individuals committed to helping you and your company succeed. It is named Best Place to Work in Fort Worth, TX by FWInc Magazine, and is ranked by Inc. 5000 as one of the nation’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, 2016.

- Location -

May 24th, 2017 | 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Address: 1601 Elm Street, 48th Floor, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (214) 220-0403


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